Workers’ Compensation

Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance paid to employees upon injury within the workplace, or if they become sick due to their work. This insurance provides employees with payments to cover their wages while they are unfit to work, and help with any medical expenses and rehabilitation. The Queensland Government introduced the Workcover scheme to ensure the health and safety of employees. With Workcover, all employees need to comply with occupational health and safety, injury management, and workers’ compensation.

What steps do I need to take if I have a work injury?

If you are injured at work, notify your employer immediately and book an appointment with a doctor. Your GP will give you advice and a Workcover capacity certificate.

Your first Workcover consult will be an out-of-pocket fee that will be reimbursed once your claim is approved. In some cases, we can hold the invoice until the claim is approved. We may also be able to send claims directly to Workcover. If for any reason your claim gets declined, the outstanding bills may need to be paid by the patients.

Your doctor will receive the details of your Workcover claim number and case manager, which they will then give to you.


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What is a Workcover capacity certificate?

A Workcover capacity certificate is a legal document used by Workcover insurers to commence a claim. The certificate outlines the duties that you can and cannot perform at work and anything that can help with your recovery.

Your capacity certificate is completed by your Workcover doctor and is also used for communication between your insurer and employer, and any other health professionals involved in the case.

Your nominated Workcover doctor will need to update your capacity certificate every 28 days – if not more frequently. This means you will need to follow up with the same doctor for Workcover appointments.

What is injury management?

General practitioners work cooperatively with the worker and employer to ensure the injured worker receives optimal care and can safely return to work as soon as possible following their injury. This is known as ‘injury management’. If necessary, they may also refer the worker to other medical specialists for treatment or to provide additional medical assessments.

The doctors at Narangba Station Medical Centre are very experienced in helping patients with Workcover and are happy to provide a second opinion if necessary. If you have sustained an injury from work, please contact our practice and we will try our best to accommodate you for a same-day appointment. New patients are welcome.

Call or book your appointment online

If you have sustained an injury from work, please contact our practice, and we will try our best to accommodate you for a same-day appointment. New patients are welcome.

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