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The following services will incur private fees in the clinic, no medicare rebate is available.

For more information about our fees, visit our fees page here.

Driver's License Examinations:
Medical evaluations required for obtaining or renewing driver's licenses are not covered under Medicare.

Employment Medicals:
Medical assessments mandated by employers for employment purposes are not covered under Medicare.

Examinations for Insurance, Superannuation, or Third-Party Memberships:
Medical examinations needed for insurance policies, superannuation claims, or memberships covered by entities such as compensation insurers, employers, or government authorities are not covered by Medicare.

Ambulance Services:
Medicare does not cover emergency medical transportation via ambulance.


Dental Examinations and Treatments:
Most routine dental check-ups, procedures, and treatments are not covered under Medicare

Certain Therapies and Services:
Services provided by physiotherapists, psychologists, and other allied health professionals such as speech therapists, eye therapists, chiropractors, and podiatrists, are generally not covered under Medicare.

Medicare coverage for acupuncture is limited and typically requires it to be part of a doctor's consultation to be eligible for reimbursement.

Glasses, Hearing Aids:
Items such as prescription eyewear and hearing aids are not covered under Medicare.

Home Nursing:
All nursing services provided at home, such as wound care, medication management, and assistance with activities of daily living, are not covered under Medicare.

For further details, refer to the document "Medicare: a quick guide" by Amanda Biggs from the Social Policy Section of the Parliament of Australia, dated July 12, 2016.

Need a prescription or referral?

Please use self service form here where you can place an online request. If you are an existing patient of the practice and the doctor approves this, an administration fee will apply.

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